Why do men wear earrings on one ear?

Trinidad Sánchez, poeta chicano.

Sepa yo!
Maybe por costumbre, maybe porque es la moda,
or they made promesas, maybe for some vieja,
for cosmetics or because some women love it,
because they were on sale,
because they are egocentric cabrones y buscan la atención,
because la chica selling them was soooooooo mamacita
and they could not refuse,
maybe to tell you they are free, innovative, avant-garde
and liberated, maybe because of the full moon,
because one earring is cheaper than two,
maybe to keep the women guessing
and the men on their toes,
maybe they are gay caballeros,
maybe as a reminder de algo que no querían olvidar
like the last time they had sex or to be sexy-looking,
maybe they are sexually confused,
maybe to let you know they are very easily sexually aroused,
maybe to separate themselves from los demás machos,
maybe they are poets, writers
y la literatura is their thing!
Why do men wear earrings on one ear?
Sepa yo! Maybe baby...
They are reincarnated pirutos of yester year,
maybe they lost the other one,
maybe they are looking for someone good at cooking,
maybe it make them look like something is cooking
maybe to send signals–te left ear is right
and the right ear is wrong,
maybe it dependes on which coast you are on.
Why do men wear earrings on one ear?
who knows... maybe it looks much better
than the nose, the toes,
maybe to remind others which ear is deaf,
maybe to distinguish them from those who don´t
and those who won´t,
maybe to separate them from the women,
maybe because as some women say:
"men can only do things half right",
maybe to be imitators of the superior sex – halfway,
maybe they are Republicans trying to be progressively liberal,
maybe they are Democrats disguising their conservatism,
or leftists telling you they are in the right party,
or revolutionaries looking for a peace–PEACE,
maybe they are undecided,
maybe to be cute,
maybe because life is short.
Why do men wear earring on one ear?
Sepa yo!

Tomado del libro "Cool Salsa: Bilingual poems of growing up latino in the United States".